Hungry Riders Get Fed

Hungry Riders Get Fed

The Belgium Waffle Ride (BWR) is often celebrated for its unique blend of grueling endurance challenges combined with a festive atmosphere. This event mimics the style of European one-day spring classics but with a distinct Southern Californian twist.

The ride itself is a mix of road, gravel, and sometimes even single-track sections, making it a true test of a cyclist's skills and endurance. Participants can choose from different ride lengths, the most famous being the "Waffle," which is the longest and most challenging option. There are also shorter "Wafer" rides and even "Wanna" options for those looking for a less intense experience.

And yes, how could I forget, the waffles! They were not just a gimmick but a delicious treat that seemed to embody the spirit of the event—tough but rewarding, and a little bit quirky. Enjoying a well-deserved waffle after crossing the finish line becomes a highlight, not just for the taste but for the shared experience with other riders, all relishing our achievements and swapping stories from the road.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next ride and more waffles!

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